Thursday, March 26, 2009

The New CATS in Town

95% launches an amazing new training programme for organizations outside the ad industry called CATS, which stands for Conceptual Age Training Series.

Times have changed. Traditional solutions need to be replaced with innovative ideas. These ideas can only come from executives who are not mere rote thinkers, but highly skilled, and also highly driven creative problem solvers.

CATS is a unique programme of short trainings that are designed to activate creativity and reinforce marketing skills, while developing resourcefulness and passion.

To demonstrate what we mean, our own Marketing Exec Grace went around town personally delivering letters of introduction to HR Directors and Heads of Companies.

Each letter was held aloft by a helium filled balloon with an uplifting note for those braving the downturn.

This was accompanied by a letter in an envelope that explained the advantage of being a furry feline : you'll always land on your feet!

Grace and her team (Kalsum, VJ, Josh and Becky) sure got lots of attention and brought smiles to many faces.

In the CATS workshops, you will be led to generate powerful and innovative ideas, and you'll surprise yourself by revealing new, imaginative ways of presenting a solution!

The first workshop is titled EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING. It will be held on Tuesday, 31ST March 2009.
Please call Grace (03-2287 7095) for more information and the full 2009 CATS training calendar.

P.S. We have only 30 places to offer for the EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING workshop. So if you hurry, there's still time to send in your registration details. Call Grace to register today!
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