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Next Intake: 2nd December 2014

Idea Rawkstarrs is a 3-month training for Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Account Executives and Marketing Executives who aspire to be outstanding.

If you have no background in advertising and you just want to be more creative, this will improve the quality of your ideas.


Everyone is born creative, but many people stop being creative when they grow up. Some are ok with this, but most are not. Have you ever met someone who is always talking and talking about ideas but not doing anything about them? Maybe that someone is you?

That's a sign of your innate talent wanting to be heard. Your creativity is begging to be set free!

Whether you're already nurturing your creativity or still questioning it, the seed is already there. It may be latent but it is there.

For this seed to germinate, you need a catalyst. An alarm clock of sorts, to shock it out of inertia. Then it can start to grow and bloom.


In this training, there are no textbooks, no long lectures. You'll learn by questioning, experimenting and discussing to arrive at your own conclusions. This develops independence, confidence and originality.

Many have described the training as a roller coaster : you'll sink deeper and fly higher than ever before, and the ride will leave you breathless and exhilarated.

Some have called it a pressure cooker : it is designed to challenge you so that you will develop strength, resilience and the bull-headed determination to blast your way through obstacles.

Some say this training provided them with a space to find themselves. Here, they have permission to experiment and make mistakes. They are free to express, explore and discover what's important to them. Dreams come to life. Goals become clear. Daily activities become energised with a sense of purpose.

The common denominator is that this is a 3-month experience like no other. It is like stepping out of your life and taking a journey into another realm. One from which you will emerge refreshed, recharged and renewed.

Next Intake starts 2nd December 2014

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Meet some Idea Rawkstarr graduates

Here are what some of our graduates have to say about Idea Rawkstarrs...

“The best thing I can say about the training is that all the classes, no matter what the subject was, focused on the core concept of personal improvement. Sure, they offered me skills. Sure, they offered me insights. Sure, they offered me criticism. But they didn't teach me any of that. They offered, and it was my own hand that took what they offered.

Rather, they helped define me. They defined my character, and my limits as I saw them. Then, they showed me alternatives, how to approach things differently, how to think differently, how to perceive things differently. And that's all they did, only show. Again, if I wanted the change, if I wanted the alternative, if I wanted to better myself again and again and again, I had to use my own hands to do it."
Aiman Azri

"I'm actually applying what I've learnt in all modules in my work, and to be frank, everything seems clearer and more precise. I just got compliment from my boss about the strategy i did few weeks ago."
- Angela Lew,
an Account Executive at PWR Design who already had two years of working experience before joining the Idea Rawkstarrs classes in the evening last February.

95% is the place where you can get the best out of yourself. Here, I've witnessed how powerful I am and how impossible is actually nothing. Impossibility had actually just been inside of me. But at 95%, I gained more understanding about myself that made me realise that there was nothing in this world that could get in my way of what I wanted to be. This is not just about advertising, this is about myself. 95% helped me gain my confidence and belief, a belief that says "I can be successful". One thing that I got from personal growth was about making peace with myself. The result? It was the best Saturday I have ever spent without having a girlfriend :)”
Randy Raharja, student, Limkokwing University College

"I took a diploma and a degree in Graphic Design and felt that I wasn't getting enough knowledge to join the industry. It was a major scary feeling because I knew I wasn't equipped with the skills. And then came 95%. Their training courses were specific, thorough and experiential, unlike those pricey college modules which were too academic."
- Ong Sue Yin, Copywriter at IF Isobar

The training at 95% made me realise that I had been guarding way too many issues in my life, whether or not it had to do with disappointment, regret or shame with mental padlocks that prevented me from being truthful and happy. Personal growth was a platform for me to find the keys to undo those locks so that I may accept and reconcile with the past. The experience was mind blowing, tear jerking and nerve wrecking but at the end of day, the lesson learnt was so great that I'm sure it was worth every time and effort.
- Jia Ming, Copywriter, 95% The Advertising Academy

"Idea Rawkstarrs was tough! I had many moments during the three months where I was thinking "what did I get myself into? At the end though, by pushing through the challenges and putting everything on the line (I quit my day job in the middle of the training!), I understood the mindset and gained the drive needed to be in advertising. Armed with what I learned through Idea Rawkstarr, I was able to make an impact in my interviews with BBDO/Proximity. Working at Proximity is fun, but the work hours can be murder! Being passionate about creativity really helps get me through. Plus, I'm loving that I'm being paid to daydream and have silly conversations with my colleagues."
- Adlin Rosli, from writer at KLUE to copywriter at BBDO / Proximity

"I found out about 95% The Advertising Academy by a coincidence meeting Janet during an advertising conference where she briefly but passionately was talking about the training. Already working in the media industry and with advertising agencies, I wanted to learn more about the actual work and thought process behind ads. The training provided me with some real insights about creativity and it was a thrilling rollercoaster ride for three months. Creativity and idea generation is all within us and Janet and her team really helped me to unlock my potential. The training also helped me with my current work as a Digital Sales Manager where I have to consult clients on ideas and campaigns on a daily basis. Needless to say that I wholeheartedly recommend this training to anyone who is wants to unlock their creative mind and excel in the world of advertising."
-Andreas Olsson, Digital Sales Manager, ASTRO

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ad Men Learn From The Ways of The Samurai

It was a seemingly normal day at a quiet and remote resort in Melaka, but for 21 corporate warriors from the advertising industry, it was war. They were taken back to ancient Japan in the 1400s, and put into the shoes of brave samurais. Divided into two great armies, the samurais engaged in intense battle. They faced a series of one-on-one contests. The atmosphere was thick with chaos and calamity. The samurais carried their values into the fight, holding onto their honour and integrity in a test to see if they would strengthen and shine, or weaken and crack.

This was the unique experience of the 21 Creative and Media Agency Heads, Seniors and Corporate Leaders who attended The Samurai Game® in February 2011 at Philea Resort and Spa, Melaka. When their battle ended, their learnings began. The game was a mirror into which participants could discover their inner greatness.

The seven warriors of McCann Erickson wield their bokkens in the face of ‘kiki’ meaning ‘crisis’

Different people gained different learnings. In fact, for all the times that The Samurai Game® has been conducted since it was first invented in 1977, there has never been two identical games. Lance Giroux gives us his explanation “The learnings would be different for everybody depending on where they are in life.

“Once a participant leaves the training room, he may feel an entire spectrum of emotions.” he said. “You might feel love, or anger, or sadness... But instead of denying those feelings, participants should use it as a door and walk through it and ask, ‘what message does this feeling have for me?’”

“It is an intense program to re-boot your system. Helps you get in touch with yourself and gives a unique perspective to handle situations in life.”
Ranganathan Somanathan, CEO of Starcom Media Vest Group & Optimedia, Malaysia and President of MSA faces an intense battle with Janet Lee, Director & Trainer of 95% The Advertising Academy

“The game is a tool for one to get a deeper understanding of ‘who you are’ versus ‘who you think you are.’”
Lance Giroux, President of Allied Ronin LeadershipTraining & Consultant and Master Trainer of The Samurai Game®

While The Samurai Game® has clearly been a success among the participants, it also marks the beginning of an exciting and new journey for Shahnaz, who is now the first in Malaysia and the 43rd in the world, to be certified as an official facilitator for The Samurai Game®

“What made me want to conduct this training for others is because I saw the value that it can create for individuals, regardless of what level he or she is at. The realisations are profound and will gradually unfold over time. For some people, this can be very enriching as they develop a deeper appreciation of life.” Shahnaz adds when asked why he wanted to spread the game as a trainer. He also adds that unlike most trainings, The Samurai Game® does not involve trainers who guide the participants stepby- step. Instead, the participants take the learnings from themselves.

“The Samurai Game is a unique leadership experience basedon establishing personal principles, integrity and a very special perspective of how you can make decisions from both a personalmand professional capacity. It is deep and plays on your mind long after you’ve left the game”
Tony Savarimuthu, CEO of McCann Worldgroup and President of 4As Malaysia recommends that all senior staff and key people should go through The Samurai Game®

One meeting, one chance - Janet, Dean, Andrew, Shahnaz and Tony stand side-by-side with the kanji words ‘ichigo ichie’ meaning ‘one meeting, one chance.’

So what does the future hold now for The Samurai Game®? “We will begin to offer it as a custom-designed training for companies and associations. I hope that it will spread to as many Malaysians and other people around the world. I believe in the cause, and I believe in the training. It will definitely create a lot of value for everyone.” Shahnaz said.

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