Monday, June 07, 2010

Some sharing from our grads

Here are what some of our graduates have to say about 95%'s trainings and personal growth : -

"I was tired of doing my assignments in university. Almost losing my passion, I never put total effort in everything I did, yet the uni still gave me good marks. Then my friend introduced me to 95% trainings. I was very skeptical at first. But I decided to give it a shot since I had a long holiday at that time and I also wanted to experience something new.

The training itself was not easy. There were many mental breakdowns and failure that happened in between. But I'll just say that everything that I had experienced there is much more precious compared to 19 years of my life. And another great lesson that I have learned, is to be sincere with myself and don't try to satisfy others. Just give 100% of me and I will feel awesome with the result."
- Benyamin Rusli, Student, Limkokwing University College

“Personal growth was intense and nerve racking. For me, the point of it all was to look deep into my heart, mind, body and soul to see what and who I really am. Trust me when I say this, it’s a terrifying place to go that needs all your courage and commitment and then even more to go to. But at the end, you'll emerge from the dark tunnel and see the brightest light you'll ever witness. Somehow, you'll just never be the same again, and it’s for the better.” - Max Choong, Student, Taylor's University College

“The best thing I can say about the 95%'s trainings is that all of them, no matter what the subject was, focused on the core concept of personal improvement. Sure, they offered me skills. Sure, they offered me insights. Sure, they offered me criticism. But they didn't teach me any of that. They offered, and it was my own hand that took what they offered.

Rather, they helped define me. They defined my character, and my limits as I saw them. Then, they showed me alternatives, how to approach things differently, how to think differently, how to perceive things differently. And that's all they did, only show. Again, if I wanted the change, if I wanted the alternative, if I wanted to better myself again and again and again, I had to use my own hands to do it.
So I say, go for Sparks. Learn about yourself. Learn about who you are now. Learn about who you want to be. Learn about who you could be. And learn just how responsible you are for your own life, and how liberating it feels to be aware of it.” – Aiman Azri

95% is the place where you can get the best out of yourself. Here, I've witnessed how powerful I am and how impossible is actually nothing. Impossibility had actually just been inside of me. But at 95%, I gained more understanding about myself that made me realise that there was nothing in this world that could get in my way of what I wanted to be. This is not just about advertising, this is about myself. 95% helped me gain my confidence and belief, a belief that says "I can be successful". One thing that I got from personal growth was about making peace with myself. The result? It was the best Saturday I have ever spent without having a girlfriend :)” – Randy Raharja, student, Limkokwing University College

The training at 95% made me realise that I had been guarding way too many issues in my life, whether or not it had to do with disappointment, regret or shame with mental padlocks that prevented me from being truthful and happy. Personal growth was a platform for me to find the keys to undo those locks so that I may accept and reconcile with the past. The experience was mind blowing, tear jerking and nerve wrecking but at the end of day, the lesson learnt was so great that I'm sure it was worth every time and effort. - Jia Ming, Copywriter, 95% The Advertising Academy

Thursday, June 03, 2010

There is this bubbling within you – the need to inspire, to live each day differently, to touch lives. Here’s how you can channel that feeling through copywriting.

Copywriters are people who write ads.

Ads like the heartwarming Petronas commercials, or slogans like “Just Do It”, or even campaigns like Earth Hour are all conceptualized by copywriters and art directors.

Those ads, slogans and campaigns were once nothing more than a bubbling within someone, somewhere. Today, they’re touching lives and sparking inspiration.

If you enjoy writing and being creative, a career as a copywriter might just be the channel you’ve been searching for.

To find out more, come to the Me? A Copywriter? workshop. You’ll gain a clear understanding of what copywriting is and what the job involves. You’ll also get to explore your potential and how you can get into the industry.

Date : 27 June 2010 (Sunday)
Time : 3pm – 6pm
Venue : 95% The Advertising Academy, 80A Wisma Dicklin, Jalan Bangsar, KL.
Fee : RM50

For more information, contact Janet Lee at
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