Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank You Publicis Malaysia!

Managing Director Dean Bramham sent us this deeply touching testimonial last night.

"In early 2010, as part of the Publicis Malaysia change program, I took the decision to engage Janet and 95%. We needed help on three things; bringing a broad business strategy to life for the management team by having them write a shared vision. Secondly, we needed to cascade the vision to the staff in an exciting, real and practical way. Lastly and probably the most important, we needed on-going help on the follow through.

Janet and her team have been amazing in constructing the program. They have inspired us, pushed and challenged us, and coached us to a really great place. At all times the team has been hands-on and personally committed to our successful change. In fact we feel like they are now part of our management team.

And it has not stopped there. In addition to future top-up vision exercises we have planned, we are also aligning our training calendar with the specific training modules from the 95% training programs, special tailored programs and even one-on-one training.

95% is a one-stop change management service; from analysis, tailored change programs and execution to modular training programs to suit your needs. And always hands-on; simply brilliant!"

Managing Director, Publicis Malaysia.

Thank you very much New Publicis. Changing your culture is not an easy to thing to do, but you are doing it with full commitment. We applaud your tenacity, we salute your amazing results and wins. It is an honour working with you, and we look forward to the next phase of your growth.
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