Monday, April 12, 2010

Seeking out the “Lost Art of Great Headlines”

Indeed, the Lost Art of Great Headlines were rediscovered and revived last Friday evening here at 95% The Advertising Academy. This was our second time conducting the three hour workshop and we had an amazing turnout of 26 eager participants.

The workshop was conducted by Janet Lee who imparted upon the participants, the various methods of coming up with great headlines.

It was truly an insightful experience that taught much and opened eyes to the many wonderful things that words can do.

Here are some interesting comments from our participants!

"Messages can be delivered through many ways, not just from only words and images" - Randy

"You writers out there think you can write? Wait till you sit in Janet's writing workshops!" - Jonathan Chu

"95% helps me a lot, especially during difficult times in my studies, like right now. Thanks 95% and thanks a lot, Janet" - Sendy

"Good headlines add a human touch to just text." - Saras

"Speak with your brain and your heart! (know your truth about product and target better) - Amelia
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