Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What our Graduates say...

Norman Tang. Kancil Student Award : Best of the Best Gold Award winner.
Got hired by Dentsu Malaysia after ECD SP Lee saw Norman present his work at 95%.

“The journey of advertising is like walking in a dark cave. Luckily, someone gave me a candle. But at 95%, they gave me nothing ... They taught me how to light a torch.”

“Uni taught me all the theory, but no real world practical application. Then I worked for one year and got the practical - but sometimes I didn’t understand what I was doing because the pace was so fast and I couldn’t relate it to the theory. At 95%, I finally learnt through a combination of both.”
Chee Chiaw, Art Director
who just started his own agency called CC+J

“In 95% I didn’t only learn about advertising. I also learnt a lot about myself, where I’m going to, and what I want to be. I also learnt about how to be my own trainer, and I think this is the greatest learning I got here."
Fajar Kurnia, graduate of 95%

“To some, creativity is an inate ability. But for the rest of us, creativity can still be nurtured and developed. The basic criterion for being creative is simply to just have an open mind. That is what you will learn at 95%. Learn the basics of creating powerful messages by empowering yourself with an open mind, developing the soul of your creativity, discovering the passion in your heart and most of all, to create, create and create. Allow yourself a chance to see what this training can do for you and you will find a whole lot more than what you've bargained for.”
Koon, a fresh copywriter from a non-advertising background, is working at Armstrong Advertising. Photo shows Executive Creative Director of McCann-Erickson Hwa, taking a look at Koon's portfolio at the end of his training at 95%.

Wen Siew, AE at JWT, got promoted to Senior AE, then to AM, all within 1 year of graduating from 95%, says "I love advertising and I see my work as my life. There'll be times when I'm in doubt wondering if I've chosen the right career. 95%, Janet especially, has reminded me the very reason why I first love advertising. The mark everyone has left in me at 95% is life changing, cherished and always be remembered.”

Ling, AE at JWT, also got promoted to Senior AE upon graduating from 95%. She says "Throughout training, I observed that self-barriers are what stops people in doing great work. At 95%, we are encouraged to be ourselves and contribute freely and that's when I realised that we have the potential to shine.”

Anthony Limanjaya, seen here with Trainer Peter Gan and Programme Director Shahnaz. "I learnt many things here: strategic thinking, idea generation, advertising strategy, and many other stuff, but the greatest learning that I got here is that I was given the chance to know more about myself, to be able to recognise the potentials that I never think I had before! And now I am more enthusiastic, and optimistic when I face a challenge, because now I know that I can do it, and the best thing is that all of this was not told to me by the trainers, but it's all been discovered by myself through all the exercises and guidance, and that makes it so powerfull!!"

Maxwell Chong, graduate of 95%, moving over to New Zealand soon.
“95% is like Dorothy in “wizard of oz” accompanying me on my journey of finding my brain, my heart and my courage for advertising.”

One of the most beneficial learning that I will practise for life.” said Daniel Ang, who got a job at Rapp Collins after graduating from 95%.

"There are so many things I've learnt here in 95% - both in advertising skills and my very own personality. I was trained by Peter and Janet on how to create an advertising strategy that works and advertisements that communicate - things that aren't fulfilled from my three years studying in advertising college.  After the personal growth, I can see clearer my paths for me to go in the future. I feel so lucky because I grabbed the chance to join 95%, and by the end of this training, I feel so rich."
Kristina Putri Dinihari, graduate of 95%, seen here with Programme Director Shahnaz and Trainer Janet Lee.

“95% brought out the confidence in me and made me realise my own capabilities. It taught me how to channel my creative thinking into creating ideas.

It also trained me to evaluate an ad or idea which I couldn't do before.

The training has made me more aware and sharp, and the judge of my own ideas. The experience here has been a mind blowing roller coaster ride.”
Johan Putra, started working at M&C Saatchi soon after graduating from 95%.

The earliest graduate Kelvin Long is now the happy co-owner of a small, highly charged ad agency called Lucideas. Not only are they winning awards in Malaysia and Asia, they are also winning new business pitches against the big international ad agencies. And they are the masterminds behind our 'Lost-Found-PassionTo Write' campaign. Check them out at

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bas cuts the crap!

30 enthusiastic art directors and designers took advantage of the "Cut The Crap" Art Direction workshop by Bas Moreu. Held over two nights (18 & 19 Dec), Bas first explained his views and then led the group in an interactive work session to explore and experiment how art direction can enhance the idea and make an idea that much more interesting.

We hooked a laptop up to a projector, and the participants who brought their work on soft copy were able to try out suggestions immediately - and when Bas started making suggestions and changes ... wow! It opened up a whole new dimension!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Photo taken at MPH One Utama

Can you spot David Byck's book? Wow, to be featured among such famous (and infamous) people!
Hey David, when I saw this, my heart jumped! Congratulations!
To find out more about David's book, click on title or on the featured link.

Here is a write up by David which was published in November's Expat magazine ...

"I'm the type of guy who will try to put something together without reading the instructions.

It doesn't matter what - it could be a swing set for my children or programming a new mobile phone. “Who needs instructions?” I would proudly say as the Jungle Gym no longer looks recognizable to anyone but me.

And maybe this is the reason I wrote two manuscripts before I had taken a single writing course.

The first was fiction. Without giving any thought to outlining the story, setting up a plot or creating interesting characters, I wrote a ninety thousand word manuscript.

It took me three years and at the end, the only person who had the patience to read it was my wife. Even my very close friend who is usually supportive of my creative endeavors, couldn't get past the first chapter.

Still without any training, I wrote a sixty-five thousand word non-fiction. And although I wasn't sure why, it went much better. I suspect this is partially because I felt the book was somehow channeled through me and partly because non-fiction seemed to be much easier to write than fiction.

By this time I was in love with the written word - especially when it was my own. So off I went searching for the writing course that would catapult me onto the New York best sellers list.

I paused and reminded myself that throughout my life I had done most things on my own and that maybe this isn't or shouldn't be any different.

But then that first manuscript crept into my thoughts; the one that no one wanted to read, and I decided to try a little harder to find a reputable writing academy.

This is when I discovered 95%. As soon as I read their write-up for the SIP (Storywriters In Progress) training, I suspected it was what I was looking for.

Razlina Ramli, who is a graduate from UK's National Film and TV School, showed us how a story should be written. What components are necessary in order to make a good manuscript, a great one. She would delve beyond the surface of the words to point out that the scene or character was too flat or unbelievable.

In the end, I enjoyed myself so much that almost immediately after completing the SIP, I signed up for the Advanced Novel Writers course. A training where I was able to complete a full length manuscript in ninety days! Not three years as my first one had taken.

Although I know I have a long way to go, I also know that without the proper foundation that I received at 95%, my dream of writing for a living would be just that … a dream."

Friday, December 08, 2006

'Cut The Crap' An Art Direction Workshop by Bas Moreu

Bas Moreu, Executive Creative Director of TBWA-ISC\Malaysia will be conducting an Art Direction Workshop at 95% on 18th & 19th December 2006, 7-10pm. Click on title to read about Bas and TBWA.

Bas is one of our big supporters and he has been a panelist at 95% many times. I'm sure the graduates who have presented to him will find his trademark honesty hard to forget! See the title of his workshop? That is so typical Bas. I have seldom come across such a pure, sincere, honest, and enthusiastic champion of young creatives - and now, in spite of his busy schedule, he's planning this workshop for Art Directors.

He's already briefed us on what he's going to do, so I know it'll be a very valuable hands-on learning session.

And the greatest thing is ...

Bas is not charging any fee for this. The number of participants is limited to 30 only. Each one is to bring one ad that they have art directed, and would like to improve.

To book your seat, please post your name, email and tel no on this blog - don't worry, we will be moderating the posts and your contact details will not be shown. You are required to pay a deposit of RM100 to secure your seat. This RM100 will be refunded to you in full when you come for the workshop. If you don't turn up, your deposit will be donated to charity.

Book only if you are serious about coming - let's not have any empty seats, and deprive others of this rare privilege.

Click on comments to see list of participants.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Congratulations to graduates of 95%

You made us proud at the recent Kancil Awards on 24th November...

GOLD Student Award
1. Chris Choong (with Phang Kuan Hoong, LUCT)
2. Andrew Wong (with Phang Kuan Hoong, LUCT)
Congratulations to your LUCT lecturer Patricia too! Note that there were no Silvers given out in this category - that means your Gold is truly outstanding - great idea, great execution. Keep pushing for more.

Norman Tang - Dentsu Malaysia
This is your first non-student award - not bad! You're competing in a much larger arena now, so keep sweating and there'll be many more to come.

To see their work and get the full results, please click on the title.

It was such a joy to re-connect with so many graduates, ex-colleagues and friends at the Kancil Awards. Here are Programme Director Shahnaz with Janet, and graduates of the Shine training Joanna, Nik Intan and Amy. If anyone else has photos, please email to

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Think of a soft drink...

Think of a toothpaste. Now, a men's shaving product. Next, breakfast cereal.

At Peter Gan's "Branding Is Everything" talk, the audience was answering almost in unison. Imagine achieving that kind of top-of-mind recall! It takes much more than just a great logo design, or even a complete Corporate Identity programme to create such powerful branding.

Peter shared his explanation of Carl Jung's theory : To build a brand, think about how to touch people on four levels : thought, emotion, sensation and intuition. For many of the thirty people who overcame rain and traffic to join us last night, it was an eye-opener, and the start of a new way of thinking about their own brand.

One of the sweetest feedback of the night came from this lady who is just about to launch her own business. After the talk, she said that she realised she was about to make one or two mistakes, but now she can avoid it.

Coming up next :

Peter will be conducting a 2-day workshop on how to develop a Brand Strategy. He will lead participants to explore both the breadth and depth of how to strategically build their own brand, and nurture it over time.
Workshop Date : 14 & 15 december 2006
Time : 10am - 6pm
Workshop Fee : RM1,300 per pax

Limited seats are offered, so please contact Esther at 02-2287 6095 or if you are interested.

Many thanks to the 95% graduates Andrew, Tuck and Max who came to help out. Andrew - I heard you walked and ran all the way to GFH to get the handouts photocopied! Wow, thank you for your commitment and for living the mindset of "if there's a will, there's a way".

And finally, did you think of Coke, Colgate, Gilette and Kellog's?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Discover Why Branding Is Everything

Everyone's heard about branding, but how many people actually know and understand what it is? Come to the 'Branding Is Everything' talk at 95% Trainings and discover, among other things :

• What differentiates a product from a brand
• How to identify superficial 'branding' and real brand-building work
• Why corporations are turning to branding to increase impact, growth and longevity
• What it takes to thrive in the exciting world of branding
• What careers and opportunities are available in the branding industry today, and how you can be a part of it.

This is your chance to have all your questions about branding answered by an advertising veteran Peter Gan, CEO of GanForHire and B3. (Click on the link on the right if you'd like to know more about Peter)

Date : Friday 10th November
Time : 8pm - 10pm
Venue : 95% Trainings (our map is featured in a previous post)
Entrance Fee : RM50

If you'd like to develop your ability and skills as a Brand Executive, this 8-week training will deepen your understanding, improve your ability to strategise, conceptualise ideas, and evaluate great advertising.
To find out more, come for a Training Overview :
Date : Saturday 11th November
Time : 3-5pm.
Venue : 95% Trainings
No entrance fee. Call 2287 7095 or email to book your seat by Friday 10th Nov 5pm.

Monday, November 06, 2006

We're in The Star

Thanks to our graduate, Johan, our Brand Executives In Progress Training got a write up in The Star. To view, click on the link shown on the left.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Map to 95%

Hey guys, if you are wondering how to get to 95%, here's a map.

You can also call us at 03-2287 7095 or 2278 6095. Email us at, or

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

David launches his first book

A graduate of our Advanced Story Writers In Progress, and the most colourful graduate in all of 95%, David Byck has just published his first book. Visit to experience it.

Congratulations, David - it's such an inspiring story, not only on yoga but also on the important life lessons. Really glad you are generous enough to share this with all of us. Can't wait for your second novel.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Razlina Ramli

A graduate of UK's National Film and TV School, Raz is the Story Writer's Lead Trainer and people who know her well call her 'the evil one'.

Upon graduating, Miramax (yes, Miramax!) wanted to option her script ‘Mengejar Zuriah’ which was already committed to Astro. The film was subsequently produced and went on to win a nomination at the Singapore Film Festival.

Since then, Raz has written over 100 hours of produced television episodes, the latest of which is REALITI, currently running on 8TV.

Here's Raz in an unusually mellow mood ...

Janet Lee

With over 20 years experience, over 80 awards, and 7 glorious cats, Janet is the Advertising Lead Trainer and Director of 95%.

Driven by a passion for ideas and the desire to get her clients' brands talked about, Janet was stunned when she won her first award : a Silver Kancil for a hard-working, fact-heavy campaign for Sustagen. This gave her the belief that in order to win awards, one should not focus on winning awards - but on meeting the client's objectives spectacularly.

The exhilarating journey from wide-eyed copywriter to management member took Janet five years. The remaining fifteen were spent intimately involved in the running of an ad agency: Spider Network Malaysia, and then GanForHire.

Her training career started when she was asked to design and deliver experiential trainings for advertising students at Institut Sledgehammer. When her students started winning Kancil and Adrenaline student awards, and went on to secure good jobs in ad agencies, she got hooked on training.

Outside advertising, Janet designed teenage leadership trainings for the Young Achievers' Club, and in 2004, she was appointed as a Character Building Trainer of Malaysia'’s National Service Programme. She later became a Trainer of Trainers, until she left to set up 95%.

Janet's experience in both Advertising and Training places her in a unique position to understand and fulfill the requirements of the Ad industry. And with her ability to see and bring out the gifts in each individual, many friends and colleagues consider the creation of 95% Trainings as inevitable.

She has only one tip for people who are passionate about advertising : click on the title of this post to read what that tip is ...

Here's Janet in the midst of a graduating intake of Advertising Professionals in Progress.

Shahnaz, the Programme Director

Following his active involvement in teenage camps and experiential corporate trainings, including a stint as Motivational Trainer for the Cyberfolks Training Camp, Shahnaz’s passion to empower people led to his full time involvement in the pioneering of the Character Building module of Malaysia’s Program Latihan Khidmat Negara.

He recruited and managed 120 facilitators for the Training of 1,250 Trainers throughout Malaysia, which he coordinated and trained. During the inaugural training in 2004, Shahnaz was Head of Quality Control in University Malaysia, one of the largest training centres, supervising over 100 trainers and 5,000 trainees.

At 95%, Shahnaz is known as the Guru Besar. He is also a full time trainer specialising in Personal Growth, Team Building and Communication Skills. With some arm-twisting, he also conducts some of the Advertising Skills trainings.

One of his proudest moments of 2006 (apart from getting married) was conducting our first overseas training : here is Shahnaz, Janet and Peter with the exuberant participants of Aplaus, a lifestyle tabloid in Medan, Indonesia.


This new blog will feature events and trainings that are coming up, trainings done (and what the grads have to say about it), and showcase our graduates work. If you're a graduate and you'd like your work to be featured here, pls submit the best of your best to for evaluation.
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