Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bas cuts the crap!

30 enthusiastic art directors and designers took advantage of the "Cut The Crap" Art Direction workshop by Bas Moreu. Held over two nights (18 & 19 Dec), Bas first explained his views and then led the group in an interactive work session to explore and experiment how art direction can enhance the idea and make an idea that much more interesting.

We hooked a laptop up to a projector, and the participants who brought their work on soft copy were able to try out suggestions immediately - and when Bas started making suggestions and changes ... wow! It opened up a whole new dimension!


Wilson the-no-surname one said...

what makes a good art director?
have fun experimenting...
art direction is not formulaic...
well, while i see other people works i can give an idea and suggestions to rearrange their art direction, while it's my turn, my art direction was sucks! haha

the most valuable thing i learnt from these two days were ' to do unconventional art direction!', well in order to be another Bas Moreu and another Helmut Krone... =p

Anonymous said...

Let's us not to be afraid of making a totally unconventional art direction...

let's be happy if one day your 'fresh' art direction rejected by your seniors or whoever... because those people havent see this kind of 'fresh' art direction before that's why, they rejected yours...

let's dont play safe on this art direction..

tuck said...

Yes! Um da first!

So glad that i was there, i learned somethin' simple but not easy. I felt it almost the end of the workshop, i mean the difference. Those who didn't make it, hope you will if there's anything like this in future, absolutely worth yo time!!!

A big thank you to Bas & 95% for making this happen, and special thanks to Chris! for inviting me again!

Anonymous said...

and johan says...

"yup..have to admit that the workshop was one good experience. The best part was when Bas demonstrated how art direction can change the feeling or mood of an ad..and how it can also enhance the idea. Even by using the same elements like visual and copy...you can make so much difference just by playing with the placement of each element.
well i'm glad i didn't miss this opportunity...thanks guys.."

bala said...

i think its becos of the time limit,
i felt that there are more to discuss and even deeper topic abt art direction to talk abt...
or maybe its just me asking too much..
but i guess for a few hours workshop,
i think its good enough.

thanks 95% n Bas.

Azraai said...

I agree with Bala. There was actually more to discuss. For an art direction workshop, there was still whiffs discussion about the "idea" instead of the art direction.

That's what I felt.

And Bas, I agree with you on one thing. Playing safe is not suppose to be in art direction. Make mistakes and wacky art instead.

That night, the topic of Idea was still lurking in the air while art direction maintained second.

Any future plans for a copywriting workshop?

Anonymous said...

hi Ernest here,
It was great to joining this two days workshop, im able to learn many things about art directing. For me, who is a beginner advertising practicioner, this lesson worth a lot, it change the way i think about advertising and art directing, the most valuable thing i learn was to try and experiment in art directing and crafting my work, it should help, and the most important thing: I am able to do anything! no right or wrong with it, just experimenting!

Anonymous said...

glad that i was there, i learnt something new from the workshop.. experimenting and exploring the visuals&the copy could change the mood and how your ad looks. cut the crap sounds so easy, but when it comes to do it.. it really is not easy.
thanks bas. thanks 95%

Anonymous said...

Parenting Classes for Art Directors by Bas Moreu.

I have been a bad parents all this while. Too much miscarriage baby!F***! Im gonna get burn in chinatown for the rest of my life! From now on, I will treat my baby right with more love and care!

Thank you 95% and Bas!!!
I will be back!

Anonymous said...

hi, sorry i'm a little bit late.
i just want to say thank you bas for sharing this opportunity with us. i'm glad that i didnt miss out this because i got to learn a lot from it. i've now come to learn that AD must be fun! and experimental! i used to view it as boring thus i never enjoyed what i did back then ;)

once again, thank you bas and thank you 95% for this valuable chance! :)


kristina said...

spent approximately half an hour arguing one layout of a copy-ad. changed here and there. but in the end, ended up with a very similar type of layout with the previous.

spent approx. 3 minutes of clicking the same layout, and voila! a completely new and different kind of layout.

inspiring. full of learning and refreshing.

... and he did literally cut the crap.

thank you bas. you rock.

jingwei said...

Thanks for cutting out my crap.

This may come a little late, but thats only because I had precious little time to go online.

It showed me how less I know about art direction.

"the more I know, the more I know the more I don't know."

Thanks. Really. From the bottom of my sincere heart.

Anonymous said...

exlpore explore explore...do whatever I want and have fun.
that's what I learned from the workshop last monday and tuesday.
The more i learn, the more craps I found in my works...
so eventhough I still need a lot of time and learning to improve my art direction..I'd like to say thank you very much to Bas for his time, it helps a lot.


Anonymous said...

i didnt go for the workshop.. shit.. totally my own fault..

but if nex time got this kind of workshop, i would love to be invited! ; )

Anonymous said...

"Cut the crap", the valueble knowledge that I learnt from the workshop. Sometimes, I most focus on how to make my ad beauty. So that my ad lost the focus point and become complicated!

Thank 95% and Bas :)


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank to
Bas Moreu Van TWBA-ISC and
95% for giving me a chance
to learn and explore
the world of art-directing.

(Thanks Janet for the sms and Thanks Chris for helping me booked the hot seat)

The 2 days workshop of
nothing is right and nothing is wrong was absolutely something fresh!


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