Friday, December 01, 2006

Congratulations to graduates of 95%

You made us proud at the recent Kancil Awards on 24th November...

GOLD Student Award
1. Chris Choong (with Phang Kuan Hoong, LUCT)
2. Andrew Wong (with Phang Kuan Hoong, LUCT)
Congratulations to your LUCT lecturer Patricia too! Note that there were no Silvers given out in this category - that means your Gold is truly outstanding - great idea, great execution. Keep pushing for more.

Norman Tang - Dentsu Malaysia
This is your first non-student award - not bad! You're competing in a much larger arena now, so keep sweating and there'll be many more to come.

To see their work and get the full results, please click on the title.

It was such a joy to re-connect with so many graduates, ex-colleagues and friends at the Kancil Awards. Here are Programme Director Shahnaz with Janet, and graduates of the Shine training Joanna, Nik Intan and Amy. If anyone else has photos, please email to

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Anonymous said...

Oh! Now we got LEGO bricks! Maybe we can build a 'wall' at our cubicle to block away the suits? But when can we collect enough bricks to build a wall ah?

hm... maybe a paper weight or a door-stoper or a pencil has got more immediate benefit lah.

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