Saturday, November 11, 2006

Think of a soft drink...

Think of a toothpaste. Now, a men's shaving product. Next, breakfast cereal.

At Peter Gan's "Branding Is Everything" talk, the audience was answering almost in unison. Imagine achieving that kind of top-of-mind recall! It takes much more than just a great logo design, or even a complete Corporate Identity programme to create such powerful branding.

Peter shared his explanation of Carl Jung's theory : To build a brand, think about how to touch people on four levels : thought, emotion, sensation and intuition. For many of the thirty people who overcame rain and traffic to join us last night, it was an eye-opener, and the start of a new way of thinking about their own brand.

One of the sweetest feedback of the night came from this lady who is just about to launch her own business. After the talk, she said that she realised she was about to make one or two mistakes, but now she can avoid it.

Coming up next :

Peter will be conducting a 2-day workshop on how to develop a Brand Strategy. He will lead participants to explore both the breadth and depth of how to strategically build their own brand, and nurture it over time.
Workshop Date : 14 & 15 december 2006
Time : 10am - 6pm
Workshop Fee : RM1,300 per pax

Limited seats are offered, so please contact Esther at 02-2287 6095 or if you are interested.

Many thanks to the 95% graduates Andrew, Tuck and Max who came to help out. Andrew - I heard you walked and ran all the way to GFH to get the handouts photocopied! Wow, thank you for your commitment and for living the mindset of "if there's a will, there's a way".

And finally, did you think of Coke, Colgate, Gilette and Kellog's?

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