Thursday, July 20, 2006

Shahnaz, the Programme Director

Following his active involvement in teenage camps and experiential corporate trainings, including a stint as Motivational Trainer for the Cyberfolks Training Camp, Shahnaz’s passion to empower people led to his full time involvement in the pioneering of the Character Building module of Malaysia’s Program Latihan Khidmat Negara.

He recruited and managed 120 facilitators for the Training of 1,250 Trainers throughout Malaysia, which he coordinated and trained. During the inaugural training in 2004, Shahnaz was Head of Quality Control in University Malaysia, one of the largest training centres, supervising over 100 trainers and 5,000 trainees.

At 95%, Shahnaz is known as the Guru Besar. He is also a full time trainer specialising in Personal Growth, Team Building and Communication Skills. With some arm-twisting, he also conducts some of the Advertising Skills trainings.

One of his proudest moments of 2006 (apart from getting married) was conducting our first overseas training : here is Shahnaz, Janet and Peter with the exuberant participants of Aplaus, a lifestyle tabloid in Medan, Indonesia.

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