Thursday, July 20, 2006

Janet Lee

With over 20 years experience, over 80 awards, and 7 glorious cats, Janet is the Advertising Lead Trainer and Director of 95%.

Driven by a passion for ideas and the desire to get her clients' brands talked about, Janet was stunned when she won her first award : a Silver Kancil for a hard-working, fact-heavy campaign for Sustagen. This gave her the belief that in order to win awards, one should not focus on winning awards - but on meeting the client's objectives spectacularly.

The exhilarating journey from wide-eyed copywriter to management member took Janet five years. The remaining fifteen were spent intimately involved in the running of an ad agency: Spider Network Malaysia, and then GanForHire.

Her training career started when she was asked to design and deliver experiential trainings for advertising students at Institut Sledgehammer. When her students started winning Kancil and Adrenaline student awards, and went on to secure good jobs in ad agencies, she got hooked on training.

Outside advertising, Janet designed teenage leadership trainings for the Young Achievers' Club, and in 2004, she was appointed as a Character Building Trainer of Malaysia'’s National Service Programme. She later became a Trainer of Trainers, until she left to set up 95%.

Janet's experience in both Advertising and Training places her in a unique position to understand and fulfill the requirements of the Ad industry. And with her ability to see and bring out the gifts in each individual, many friends and colleagues consider the creation of 95% Trainings as inevitable.

She has only one tip for people who are passionate about advertising : click on the title of this post to read what that tip is ...

Here's Janet in the midst of a graduating intake of Advertising Professionals in Progress.


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