Wednesday, September 06, 2006

David launches his first book

A graduate of our Advanced Story Writers In Progress, and the most colourful graduate in all of 95%, David Byck has just published his first book. Visit to experience it.

Congratulations, David - it's such an inspiring story, not only on yoga but also on the important life lessons. Really glad you are generous enough to share this with all of us. Can't wait for your second novel.


Anonymous said...

“David? You mean, David Byck? I met him … he’s an amzing character. He's not only a GREAT writer but he has the energy of a dozen people and can leep tall buildings in a single bound. I saw him once …” hey wait a minute, David - if you keep going like this people will suspect you’ve written this yourself.

“Okay. Yeah, he’s a good guy and a good writer. I like him a lot.” Yeah, that’s much better.” No one will ever suspect now. Unless you’ve misspelled something again. Did yeah, David?

starlight said...

david. you're unbelievable. do you rent out your thick skin from time to time? i'd like to be first in line, please.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I am still waiting patiently for him to come up with the title of his next book. What could it be? What is it about again? Oh ya.... is it funny?!

Anonymous said...

The Great Train robbery. Yeah, that’s the name of the book. Either that or, Three Easy Steps to Cure the Clap! Much better.

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