Thursday, July 26, 2007

Me? A Copywriter?

[This post has been updated on 13th June 2012]

If you’re good in English, enjoy writing and love being creative, copywriting could be an exciting career for you!

Come and find out more at the “Me? A Copywriter?” workshop. You will get a clear idea of what copywriting is, what the job involves, and explore your potential to be one.

Date : 24th June 2012 (Sunday)
Time : 3pm - 6pm (followed by Idea Rawkstarrs briefing from 6.15 - 7pm)
Venue : 95% The Advertising Academy, Suite 2.02, 1 Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Fee : RM50

If you are interested, please contact or 03-2287 7095 to book your seat.

PEOPLE FROM ALL BACKGROUNDS ............................

We've had people from all backgrounds, of all ages, coming together to explore. We've met Mass Comm and Advertising Students, Journalists, Engineers, a whole lot of IT people, Accountants, Fresh SPM Grads, Teachers & Academicians who have a secret dream of being a copywriter or any kind of writer - but were told that they can't earn a decent living that way. It's not true anymore.


With the shortage of copywriters in Malaysia, getting a job should be a breeze. In fact, there are many ex-journalists or PR writers who have found their way into Ad agencies because they are good in writing.

But only to realise that strong language skills are not quite enough for them to crack the brief, conceptualise powerful ad ideas, and thrive in the demanding Ad agency environment. And due to the fast pace of work, many of the more senior people are too busy to provide on-the-job-training.

It is still a lucrative career, nevertheless, for someone who is well-trained and well-prepared for all the challenges.

The Ad industry provides infinite opportunities for growth because it does not take into consideration age, seniority, race, religion, gender or background. You are as good as your talent.

Your salary will increase at the same pace as your talent and skill develops.

So for someone who is willing to work hard, has the burning passion to push boundaries, and you produce great work - you can very quickly be very well paid. But you must be really good.

Most other industries will have fixed salary scales and heirarchy for promotion. Advertising doesn't.

Now isn't that great?

So if you're looking for a way to earn a living with your pen, email, or call Janet at 03-22877095.

This is what Ajay Bakshi, Executive Creative Director of Bates Asia said when he came to judge our graduates' work:
"On the evidence of the well-crafted headlines and sharp ideas I saw in abundance during my visit, 95% seems an excellent way for any aspiring copywriter to sharpen his or her conceptual and crafting skills, and to run the very real risk of having fun in the process."

To read up about the advertising industry in Malaysia, visit
And check out the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents at


savante said...

Hmm.. interesting pitch. Gotta check this out.

Fibbles said...

Janet, do you have Suthisak Sucharittanonta's email? A friend wants to apply for job in Bkk. Yeah I know what this sounds like, but it's not me. Honest! :)

galadriel said...

Way to go people. I believe the industry as a whole stands to gain from Janet's zeal to teach.

I have gained much insights and will not hesitate to tell my writer friends about this.

Ross Gordon said...

I started off as a copywriter intern at my old company. But some how i ended up as an AE/PM. I actually just got a job at Arc Worldwide as a Project Coordinator (Yay!).
But thise seems like a good copywriting opportunity. Speaking of copywriting, a former client of mine started a blog about copywriting that i really like. its called . Now i promise this is not my blog and i am not spamming (you can even check my profile, it's really not my blog, baby). But i really enjoy reading it and i think it makes quality, succinct points. The guys who does it is a product of the 60's so it has a lot of 60's psycadelic rock themes. But it's pretty cool none the less. Enjoy!

Keng Meng said...

I attended the Me? A Copywriter? workshop (one of the TOA people). Janet and Shahnaz, you guys were awesome! Learnt a lot about copywriting today. :P

yinmei said...

i miss your previous workshop. Is there any other workshop coming up again?

95% Trainings said...

Hi Yin Mei,
The next one will probably in early May. Send an email to and he'll keep you informed. Thanks!

sooyin said...

I attended the session on 23rd June and really enjoyed myself!

I now feel that the question: "Me? A Copywriter?" has a possibility to be turned into "Me. A Copywriter."

Janet, Shahnaz and Chris, thanks for taking time out on a Sunday morning to enlighten us! =)

Nayalkin Ediroth said... guys rawk the wurl
:) i'm really keen on honing what skills i may have at yor place.
and in all honesty it truly is refreshing that there are people like you around. salute

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