Sunday, May 04, 2008

Congratulations on getting your dream jobs!

The last couple of months was filled with suspense - several 95% graduates went for job interviews with hearts full of hope, and waited and waited. Now, we are thrilled to congratulate all of them :

• FAISAL AHMAD. A former Engineer, Faisal has made a brave jump into advertising. Faisal just started work as a Malay language copywriter at Spencer Azizul.

• ELLIE WOON & CJ GAN have joined Lucideas. Boss Kelvin Long says "Got a good team going :) the best team so far."

• FALAH NAIM, joined Dentsu Utama as an AE. His first big agency break.

• HEX, a graduate of The One Academy who later discovered a love for writing will be joining Lowe & Partners as copywriter at the end of May. ECD Seong was amazed at how much work she had produced in the last 6 months!

• JON CHEW, a talented former journalist will be joining TBWA-ISC\Malaysia as a copywriter in mid May.

• RUDY LA FABER. Although he has no advertising background, he managed to impress the incredibly demanding ECD Ted Lim. Rudy started work at Naga DDB as copywriter last week.

• LEI YOON, the crazily hard working perfectionist has joined Ogilvy as an Account Executive.

Well Done guys, we're proud of you. Now work hard and break new ground!

To the other 95% graduates who are looking for jobs, please let us know. We are still getting requests every week!

Another chunk of happy news : FAJAR KURNIA has won another yet award! This time, it's a Merit at Art Directors Club, New York. Congratulations Fajar and all the best for 2008 Crowbar Awards.


The Ruud said...



thanks janet =p

Anonymous said...

When i told Janet that i landed a job with SpeancerAzizul, she told me "You've achieved your dream that you've set a year ago!" Motherxxxx!'s true and i succeeded. She made me think back of all the things i've been through to get where I am now.

always keep your feet tied-up to a pole and keep the line long enough for you to move around yet strong enough to lead you back!

Faisal Ahmad

Hex said...

Congratulations Fajar and everyone else diving deeper into the industry!

Bates was a great experience but i guess it's time for bigger better things.

Thanks to Janet and all at 95% for 'hooking us up' and not ditching us after we've graduated.

Anonymous said...

…To think that just a year-ish ago, I was in a ‘creative comatose’; completely oblivious to the existence, beauty and magic of what I do now! :-D :-D :-D

To Big Sis, Guru Besar + Strat-meister: Of the infinite possibilities for encounter, I will always be thankful for ours in this lifetime! I know now what had also brought me back to Malaysia…

To my fellow 'groundbreakers' in the industry, I salute your talents and wish you continuous best of success and satisfaction! Let's keep redefining the industry with our collective strives!

To the rest, we look forward to your arrival soon :-)

~Having faith in your dreams is not about waiting for the miracle of perfection to happen. It’s about plucking up the courage and diving into the Unknown with absolute affirmation that you’re going to find what you’ve been seeking your entire life. ~

Love Ellie.

Anonymous said...

hi, are there any available any trainings for july?

vishnuprasath said...

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