Monday, July 27, 2009

"I'm going to have the most awesome tweets now because of this." Tien Ming

While people protesting the ISA, we were examining headlines and each other's body parts. It was a 2-hour talk titled 'The Lost Art of Great Headlines' by Janet Lee. Was it worth fighting through the massive traffic jams and roadblocks to get here? Here are some of their comments...

"Glad to know headlines can be more than just add-ons to visuals." Rudy La Faber

"You'll never look at headlines the same way agin." Jonathan Yap

"Janet made us write @#%$#@ things about our classmate! The perve! I would have loved to have seen more examples." Adlin

"Life is never the same once you've trained at 95%!" Alice Yong

"Writing is more fun when you know the rules." Ong Sue Yin

"Makes life easier!" Ben Ng

"Even after graduation, I learn something new each time I come back." Ng Bee Nee

"Copywriting rocks. Advertising rocks. I rock." Vince Lee

It was so good to welcome back our graduates. It was like a family reunion with graduates from different 'generations' coming together and getting to know each other.

The Lost Art of Great Headlines will be on again on 23rd August, Sunday, 10am - 12pm.
Entrance Fee : RM195
Graduates and current Idea Rawkstarrs, no fee.
Guests of graduates : RM50
To book your seat, email

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