Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Copywriter's Training: Our Blog Post Titles Are Going To Be Awesomer Than Yours Now!

Congrats to our seven copywriters who have made it through (and survived) the rough tough Copywriter's Training!

It's been a long-yet-frustratingly-too-damn-quick six weeks for our copywriters (your humble narrator included) where we had been taken on a long and perilous journey of learning and growing to find our voices.

Working on an array of subjects from dialysis foundations to oatmeal and girly tweet feeds, we learned to pour our hearts and soul (and kidneys too) into writing copy that didn't just talk down to the readers but spoke with them.

The results? Seven very happy copywriters and three impressed Creative heads at the end of the show.

Check out what our kind nurturing judges had to say about 95%, our work and us!

"At 95%, Janet and her team have it by the truckloads. Her passion is a kind of energy that is infectious and you can literally feel it when you enter the room. You see it in her students’ eyes. You hear it when they speak (ok, except for the shy ones). You get it in their work.

Having said that, I don’t think we need more people who can write great copy or do brilliant, insightful ads. That’s easily done. What’s more important are graduates with a sincere, passionate desire to change the world, to positively impact our times. I know Janet has a similar objective and believe 95% has a bigger purpose than churning out mere advertising majors.

You’ll get a strong foundation at this place. That’s obvious. What can only be caught though, is the fire to make the same foundation stronger and to build on it. To all students: You’re in a good place. Actually no, you’re in good hands. Now go out there and do something insanely awesome."

Edward Ong
Chief Creative Officer
Head of Copy, Asia
Y&R - Malaysia

"When I was asked to judge student’s work at the 95%, I reminded myself; go easy, be kind, they’re not professionals yet.

They had just learned to build their own strategies and write ads. And yet, their work showed insight, a sense of purpose and most essentially, charm.

Beyond all the technology, new media and random selling strategies, life as a writer boils down to two things; what you want someone to feel, and what you’re going to say or do to make it so.

They made me feel very positive about the future of young writing talent in this industry."

Gavin Hoh
Creative Group Head
McCann Erickson

"I don’t think there’s any other place that trains aspiring advertising professional
s the way 95% does. It equips you with just the right stuff to prepare you for the harsh realities of the ad agency. No fluff, no nonsense.

The advice of my University counselor in Melbourne comes to mind. She said “why don’t you stop your degree course and join my short course in copywriting? You’re doing a pathetic job with your other subjects but you can form proper sentences… sometimes.”

It made perfect sense but we didn’t have that kinda’ course in KL back then. So, I’m really glad that 95% is giving students what we should have had a long time ago. And it shows because the students of 95% never fail to impress."

Alvin Ng
Creative Director


Well, the road is still long and we'll always have lots more to learn, but this training is definitely a start for us aspiring copywriters.

So if you've missed out on this round's training, that's just too bad!! don't worry, we'll be having another one sometime next year. You've just got to stick around to find out when the next one's going to be.

P/S: This training is only open to graduates of Idea Rawkstarrs
"Must have ideas first"
-Ooi Eu Geen

Idea Rawkstarr Grad
The Copywriter's Training Grad


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Congratulations to everyone! That training wouldn't be successful if not for the hardwork of everybody.
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