Tuesday, October 23, 2007

95% The Advertising Academy

We provide trainings designed specifically for the Advertising Industry

How much of your talent are you aware of?

Talent, not skills. Skills are what you learn, but talent is something you are born with. It is already there, inside you. Now, what are you doing to bring that to the surface?

At 95%, we’ll lead you to explore and uncover more of yourself. Led by Janet Lee, a Creative Director who has won over 80 local and international advertising awards in her 20 year career, 95% develops the thinking processes and idea generation abilities that prepare young talent for success in advertising.

The only thing blocking you from achieving your greatest dreams are the beliefs that you are holding on to. Beliefs that you may not even be aware of. Once you realise what those beliefs are, you have the ability to exchange them for more empowering ones.

No amount of book learning alone can do this for you. That’s why 95% has designed advertising skills trainings that are built on a foundation of personal growth. We lead participants to explore and experience more of themselves than they ever have, and this opens up the way for their talent to emerge.

To find out more about 95% and our trainings, keep reading this blog! Or just email us at cheryllow@95percent.com.my.

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