Monday, October 22, 2007

Crowbar Student Awards in Singapore

Here are our Crowbar heroes : Fajar, Wilson Santoso, Wilson and Ernest at Crowbar Awards night on 16th August.
Wilson won a Bronze last year, the other three got their work shortlisted for this year's award show. You make us proud, guys :)

Crowbar is a student award organised by the 4As of Singapore. It is a regional competition, with entries coming from Malaysia and Australia. This year, they received 1135 entries. Click on title of this post to read more.

From the four pieces of work that was shortlisted, Fajar's Vitagen 'Where's Waldo?' won a Bronze. Congratulations!

Here's Wilson and Fajar with their entries.

And here they are with Programme Director Shahnaz, all oozing testosterones!

What's next guys? Kancil Awards? Young Guns in Australia?


Anonymous said...

hehehe, yea, we're gonna start working on the YoungGuns very soon. Still trying to get sponsorship from Limkokwing, IT'S AROUND AU$50/ENTRY!!!


Anonymous said...

well..... BIG IDEAS worth more than 50 bucks!! hahaa

pemuda masakini said...

correction janet, my works got further into the final! ekkekeke anyway, my number is 014 660 3252 kekekkekekke

[i'm grabbing these picture to be put in my blog ya ; p]

Anonymous said...

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