Saturday, November 03, 2007

95% Graduates win at Kancil Awards

Congratulations to our graduates Natasha who won a Bronze, Wilson Santoso who won a Silver, and Fajar Kurnia who won a Bronze, Silver AND Gold!

For the full list of winners, and to see their work, click on the title of this post.

Fajar says " 95% is where I learned about what advertising really is and who I really am. I learned something here that I did not get in my three and a half years in college (or even in another 100 years) such as building a solid strategy, generating, evaluating and polishing ideas, and crafting copy. But this is still less important than knowing about myself. There I realise how powerful a human can be; it is beyond measure. I am able to see things from a different perspective. I know what I want, why I want that and how to get it. And I think that is the reason I am who I am today."

Fajar also won a Bronze earlier this year at Crowbar Awards, a regional award competition in Singapore. He is the most awarded advertising student of 2007. Look out for more from this amazing young talent!


Anonymous said...



Alexio said...

Congrats guys ! JOb well done !

pemuda masakini said...

yo trainers, we did it!

Peter Gan said...

Congratulations Guys! I'm sure you know the judges were from an international panel and that they were extremely strict. World class guys. World class.
I'm very proud of you.

pemuda masakini said...

yes peter, thankyou

eh btw, i just finished updating my online portfolio.

please check it out and since i got alot, just pick 1 of your most fave then drop me your comment/critics/feedback/anything..


and oh btw, here's the link

Anonymous said...

congrats! u guys did a good job with 95%. thanks janet and the team, SALUTE. n i've something to share here with u fajar and wilson, pls remember this: knowledge destroys ignorance! always remember the responsibility as a creative person.
fr: patricia

Anonymous said...

I wonder when did u take my pic?


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