Monday, July 07, 2008

I love advertising bcos...

It’s a Passion. An Obsession. An Addiction.
It’s also incredibly fulfilling. Here's what ad people say...

"It’s an on-going lesson in what people want and need. Their dreams and aspirations. What inspires them. What makes them laugh and cry, happy and sad, blissful and angry. What makes us different and the same and that, in the final analysis, we’re really all connected. I love staring at that blank sheet of paper knowing that what I put on it has the power to move people and change the world little by little."
Paul Lingan
Deputy Creative Director, TBWA-ISC.

"I love it because no two days are the same. Everyday demands the best from you, and there’s nothing like being surrounded by people who dream big, without limits. Advertising is an obsession!"
Jon Chew
Ex-journalist, now Copywriter, TBWA-ISC.

"I’m feeling great doing a job that I’m passionate about. And here’s d reason why : the notion of having a colourful answer for every problem. No black or white solution. That’s it!"
Faisal Ahmad
Ex-Engineer, now Copywriter at Spencer Azizul.

I love advertising because it’s the only job where you get to dig deep into so many different products, brands and people. Plus, nothing beats the satisfaction of showing off a great ad. I don’t think I could make people smile with a well-done financial report :)
Copywriter, CC+J Adhaus

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