Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who'll be the next Idea Rawkstarr?

Who will be the one to impress Creative Directors and Ad Agency Heads? Who will be the one who will have a portfolio that makes their classmates drool? Who has the vision and determination to launch a new career?

The next intake of Idea Rawkstarrs starts on 23rd February 2010. Click on the title of this post for training info, or email for some cold, hard truths about a career in advertising.

Some people wish and hope, others make it happen.


Graduates speak their mind...

Now working as a Copywriter at Dentsu Utama
"I took a diploma and a degree in Graphic Design and felt that I wasn't getting enough knowledge to join the industry. It was a major scary feeling because I knew I wasn't equipped with the skills. And then came 95%. Their training courses were specific, thorough and experiential, unlike those pricey college modules which were too academic."
Ask Sue what it was like :

From writer at KLUE to copywriter at BBDO / Proximity
"Idea Rawkstarrs was tough! I had many moments during the three months where I was thinking "what did I get myself into? At the end though, by pushing through the challenges and putting everything on the line (I quit my day job in the middle of the training!), I understood the mindset and gained the drive needed to be in advertising. Armed with what I learned through Idea Rawkstarr, I was able to make an impact in my interviews with BBDO/Proximity. Working at Proximity is fun, but the work hours can be murder! Being passionate about creativity really helps get me through. Plus, I'm loving that I'm being paid to daydream and have silly conversations with my colleagues."
Hear it directly from Adlin: (msn)

Marketing & IT graduate, from freelance magazine writer to copywriter at Dentsu Malaysia.
“If you said I was going to be a writer at a big agency a year ago, I would have laughed at you. I didn't know a thing about advertising. Now I'm a writer at Dentsu. Most of my friends are pretty sick of me talking about my job. I can't help it though, I love it too much. For the first time ever I can wake up, head to work and not complain about anything at all."
Talk to Rudy:

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