Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Portfolio That Gets You Hired

What do the Executive Creative Directors mean by quality? Find out at the “A Portfolio That Gets You Hired” workshop, a one and a half day session for fresh grads and final semester students to learn how to create an impressive portfolio that resonates with what the CDs are looking for.

You will gain insights from a professional’s perspective so that you'll know how to prepare yourself for your big break into the ad industry.

Day 1, 23rd January 2010 (9am - 6pm) :
Learn what CDs are looking for. View examples of great portfolios that got the students hired. Identify how to build and improve your own portfolio.

Day 2, 25th January 2010 (7pm -10pm) :
Present your newly improved portfolio to a panel of Creative Directors. You'll get valuable feedback that will guide you to be well prepared for job interviews. Who knows, if you apply everything that you learnt in Day 1, you may even get hired straight away!

Venue :
95% The Advertising Academy,
Wisma Dicklin 80A,
Jalan Bangsar, KL

Fee : RM150

Contact or call 03-2287 7095 for more info.

Creative Director Robert Speechley, a Neil French disciple who was Janet's CD in The Ball Partnership comments...

"This is an excellent subject for discussion. Hope you get a lot of people attending. U'd have to be mad not to go if you're even halfway serious about getting in/on in the Ad game."

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