Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Spunky Rawkstarr

We're on a roll... please meet one of our spunkiest Rawkstarr yet... Vince Lee!

1. Hi Vince, could you share with your background and how you entered the advertising industry?

Okay I’ll skip to the part when I’m already in The One Academy. Back then I still wasn’t sure what the advertising industry actually do. Then I realise the stuff that we were thought in college clearly wasn’t sufficient. I know a few friends from the industry so I get them to hook me up with some freelance. I started from there onwards into a Jakarta based company, and later on co-founded a small agency with a few friends. It was a really tough time, having to handle both company stuff and also college assignment. But still it’s very rewarding.

2. What are your career dreams and aspirations?

Instinctively, I’ll climb as high as possible on the advertising career ladder. And I guess I’ll figure something out along the way. I guess I aspire to be someone like Janet, to give and mentor fresh, young bright minds.

3. What is your view on advertising and what about the industry excites you?

In my opinion, advertising is the best job in the world. They practically pay you to be crazy and silly. The buzz of getting new challenges and solving new problems each day really appeals to me. Passion will always keep you through.

4. How did you come to know about 95% and why did you pursue to seek further knowledge outside college?

My copywriting lecturer. I asked her once where can I learn more about copywriting and ideas she told me straight the only place I can learn good stuff is 95%. Coincidently 2 of my classmates went through the training and came back a different person. What I felt was college only teach us the skills and put in a lot of rules on it. I needed something more that will bring my skills to a new level.

5. How has “Idea Rawkstarrs” played a part in your journey in advertising?

The training breaks all my deep-rooted assumptions about advertising and graphic design. With some guidance from Shahnaz, Peter, and Janet, I manage to combine both my skills and thinking into my work.

6. Which agency would you like to work with in the future and why?

Droga 5. That place is filled with genius.

7. What is your favourite ad / campaign and why?

Tap Project by Droga 5. The only creative material of the campaign is a piece of sticker that sticked on restaurants. It’s the idea that makes it so genius.

8. Which advertising persona/figure that your respect and would like to work with (regardless of whether the person is still alive or not)?

David Ogilvy

9. What would like to say to students who are about to enter the industry?

Advertising is not for the faint-hearted. It’s not just the glamour that you see from outside. It’s brutal. If you dread the long hours in office and days spent without going home, leave now before you realise you’re wasting you life. You gotta have real hardcore passion about it.

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