Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Meet the Rawkstarrs!

Many times we've talked about our Rawkstarrs and perhaps some of you are curious about these 'crazy' people who are so willing to spend their evenings cooped up in a training instead of chilling with their friends.

So we decided to 'expose' some of these culprits we call Rawkstarrs.

First in line is one of our current Rawkstarrs... Lucky Handoko!

1. Hi Lucky, could you share with us a little bit about your background please?
I'm 22 year-old design student majoring in advertising. I love creative ideas that work and inspire others. I consider myself as a creative person and idea generator but somehow all of my ideas are raw and random. Never know whether they will work or not, whether it is good or not.

[*Note from the 95% team: Not yet're getting there ;) ]

2. What are your career dreams and aspirations?
My biggest dream is to be a CEO of my own big advertising company.

3. What is your view on advertising and what about the industry excites you?
For me, advertising is more than just advertising the product and hope people will understand and eventually buy it.

It's far more than that. It can be a tool to communicate my thoughts to mass of people, it can also be my power to drives people's mindset and way of life. That's also why i find advertising so interesting. Some may think it's not a big thing, but it can be very impactful.

4. How did you come to know about 95% and why did you pursue to seek further knowledge outside college?
I knew 95% from a friend. She was so passionate about advertising as well. We went to the workshop and then I found that 95% was actually interesting. The approach of education is different and somehow suits me.

Then I decided to join, it's not because I didn't get anything (well I did get something but not that much) from my college but I don't think one source of knowledge will be enough since advertising is also about exploring new things.

If I only learn from my lecturer, then I'll be end up just like a younger version of him, with his taste with his standards. Yuck.

5. How has “Idea Rawkstarrs” played a part in your journey in advertising?
So far it plays a big role in my advertising journey. It made me see things in a wider scope. I know so much more about the industry.

It makes me realize that ideas can only get me so far, but great ads will always come with strategies.

It really helps me manage my thoughts. It helps me to put my randomness in a correct box and make ideas that are not only look nice but also working. Still working on that :p

6. Which agency would you like to work with in the future and why?
It’ll either be Leo Burnett or Ogilvy. For me they are like the BMW and Mercedes Benz of the ad industry.

7. What is your favourite ad / campaign and why?
There are many ads that I like but the one that always stick in my mind will be IAPA adoption ad by Ogilvy Mumbai and Petronas ad by Yasmin Ahmad. It touches me and I feel good, so good that I won't let my self forget about it. Can't explain more.

The Theory of Fun campaign was also very great. The campaign put new concepts in people's head without saying a word.

8. Which advertising persona/figure that your respect and would like to work with (regardless of whether the person is still alive or not)?
Peter Gan :D

9. What would like to say to students who are about to enter the industry?
The World is bigger than just “A+”s.


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