Thursday, December 24, 2009

The next Rawkstarr in line is...

You've met one of our current Rawkstarrs, Lucky.

Now it's time to meet the next Rawkstarr who's just joined the industry. Meet Adlin Rosli!

1. Hi Adlin, what are you doing now and which agency are you with?

I'm currently serving my probation period with Proximity Malaysia.

2. What’s the best thing about your job right now?
Seeing working people wondering why I'm not dressed for work every morning when we share the elevator.

3. Is it true that ad agencies have booze parties all the time?
A total myth! But my colleagues party as hard as they work.

4. What were you doing before advertising and what got you interested in the industry?
I was working at a content company. They did websites and magazines. I was burnt out and really needed a change. I foolishly paid attention to my friends who are in advertising telling me things like "you'll love it, you get paid to Facebook."

5. What was your journey like transitioning to the ad industry?
Slow and painful. I spent 2 years procrastinating.

6. How has Idea Rawkstarrs played a part in your journey towards advertising?
Idea Rawkstarrs gave me the basic tools to figure out what to do in advertising. I picked up some good basic skills to understand and use strategy with creativity.

7. Now that you’re in the industry already, how is your experience so far?
I feel like screaming at Janet for not warning me enough this shit is hard. I'll do it now, "JANET!!!! ARRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!" That said, it's also a lot of fun.

8. Share with us, the top 3 fun facts of being in an agency/the industry?
  1. The people you will meet are either big assholes or the funniest people ever. Nothing in between.
  2. You will feel inadequate with the T-shirts and shoes you own.
  3. Leaving at 7pm will make people go "Wow! Half day?"

9. What is your favourite ad / campaign and why?
ADK Japan's Power Rangers-ish Nike Ad. I love it because it's so absurd, but it makes sense with what the brand is about and how it ties back to playing with your shoes. Also, anything with ninjas automatically gets points in my book. Be amazed here:

10. What would be your advice to those who are thinking about joining the industry?

Make sure you have a decent collection of T-shirts and shoes. And be prepared to work as hard as you play

(95%: Well said Adlin!)

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