Thursday, November 04, 2010

Of Connecting Booths and friendly Malaysians

We spoke about that awesome winning idea at Ad Unplugged involving stickers and sexy people yesterday. Today, we look into the next great thing that stole the hearts of the ECDs at Ad Unplugged. Teh awesome UOX connecting booth!

So let's face the facts. Malaysian's are an overly friendly bunch who have more friends in Facebook compared to anyone else in the world. By friends, this includes good friends, good friend's friend, good friend's friend's friends and so on. Students especially can relate to this. They do after all love meeting new people and having more friends.

Thus, working on this insight, this group, (kudos to Alan, Sheng Feiyan, Yi Von, Zu Jian and Wai Kwan) came up with the UOX connecting booth.

How this works was that phone booths were set up around colleges and universities. It isn't your typical phone attached to a cord attached to the um -phone kind of phone booth. This phone booth had a single mobile phone and a web cam in it.

Anyone can choose to enter the phone booth and place a call to any of the other UOX connecting booths in other campuses. For example, Jon, a KL-ite studying in The One Academy can choose to enter the phone booth and make a call. The phone booth would randomly ring up any other UOX connecting booth and in this case for illustration purpose, the phone booth that it would call would be the in Lim Kok Wing, Sarawak.

Over in Lim Kok Wing, Sarawak, Jane is walking past the UOX connecting booth when it suddenly rings. She can choose to pick up the phone.

“Hello” she will say.

“Hi” Jon will say.

And Jon and Jane will begin a conversation for 3 minutes. As they speak, a screen in front of Jon and Jane will flash some suggestion of conversation starters... Just in case.

Now once the 3 minutes is up, Jon and Jane will have the option to see each other for 5 seconds through the web cam. Should they both agree, they will find themselves, staring into each other's face for that fraction of a minute.

Not long enough? That's alright. Cause if they decide that they don't hate each other's faces that much, they will have the option to add each other on Facebook and tadaa! We have a connection!

It was a simple way to help students expand their social circle and the best part is that it clearly exhibits UOX’s role as a mobile service provider that connects people.

So once again, congrats to you awesome mutants who came up with this idea. For the other five groups who's ideas are still in the hands of your humble narrator, we'll be taking a look at your works next time. And If you've any questions or comments about this idea (or if you're either Alan, Feiyan, Yi Von, Zu Jian or Wai Kwan who thinks that we've missed out something) feel free to comment on this post!

Mummys and Daddys of the awesome connecting booth idea

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lim said...

Wow, the idea was all written out in details! That's amazing..
It's all there :)

Feiyan, The One Academy

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