Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Of Giving Trees and teens who love downloading things

So we've covered some contagious stickers and a connecting booth that made it big at Ad Unplugged 2010. Now let's look at trees!

They call this one the Tree of UOX but unlike Avatar's Eywa or the Nordic Yggdrasil, this one doesn't do the flashy shiny streams of lights nor does it transfer organic life to one thing from another. This tree gives life to something dearer to most students and teens. Their handphones!

The group behind this idea (who respond to the name Sai Win, Shin Wey, Eric, Su Lian and Shin Yee) worked on the insight that a phone these days mean so much more than a device of communication to students. In fact, phones these days are like an identity symbol of a person. Whether you carry an i-Phone, a HTC, a Blackberry or a basic phone that still has numbers on its buttons that aren't a part of the screen, it says plenty about you.

That's why students go to great lengths to customise their phones. Think little pink blings and downloadable apps, ringtones, wallpaper and screensaver thingies.

So how does this idea work?

1.A UOX Tree is set up within the college and university’s compound
2.Paper cups are hung on the trees
3. Some of them are fitted with music players that play a certain caller ringtone while others have wallpaper images on its base
4.Students can choose to download caller ringtones or a wallpaper images that they like from the tree

And there you have it, a tree that gives lives to handphones!

It was a unique idea that offers students with what they want while at the same
time conveying the message that you get more with UOX.

So great job to you guys behind this idea. And as usual, feel free to comment on this post if you have anything to add or questions to ask.

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Peter Gan said...

Hmm... I wonder what would we call our bowl with curled up msgs in the reception then?

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