Monday, November 22, 2010

Of huge X-es and silent disco

It's been close to a month since Ad Unplugged 2010 and we've covered some contagious stickers, a connecting booth, a giving tree, a multilingual parrot and some desserts. Today, we look at the last two ideas of the selected seven.

Firstly, let's talk about the (probably) only ad that can be seen on Google Earth: Google Earth X!

This idea simply involves some paint and a bunch of building. First, we paint a huge ass X on the surface of the city's landscape. Then, we wait for the Google Earth bot to capture the X and tadaa! We wait for viewers to start seeing the X on Google Earth.

It's really a simple idea that gets hype and attention, and the best part is that it bring UOX to national stardom.

Next, we have the Silent Disco – a simple idea that installs headphones and music players in college and uni libraries, making things more lively and fun – amidst the silence.

Imagine browsing through your school library and stumbling across your friends who're moving to the beat that only they can hear. How cool is that?

So that's two ideas in one post today, concluding the Ad Unplugged post mortem. Although it's about a month since Ad Unplugged 2010, we do hope that the learnings have not been forgotten (yet)

Once again, great job to all you who turned up and see you again next year, mutants! :D

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