Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Of Multilingual Parrots

In yesterday's post, we spoke about trees and giving life to handphones. Today, we talk about the next idea that stole the ECD's hearts at Ad Unplugged 2010: parrots!

So this idea primarily involves a parrot and some SIM cards. Throughout the period of the campaign, colleges and unis can expect to have a new pet: a multilingual UOX parrot! That's right, it'd actually be taught to greet people in 4 languages, don a little purple tee and a mohawk and fly freely around the campus compounds. The cutest bit? The little bag of SIM cards that it carrries for distribution.

The insight behind this idea was simple. College/uni life gets dull and routinal for students. What more than a parrot to add some life to the atmosphere?

Great job Melody, Julia, Chui Ying, Luann and Mei Yan!

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