Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Comfort vs Happiness

image by seanmcgrath

"In life, you've to choose if you want a life of comfort or a life of happiness?" - Karthik Siva (aka Strat Planning God)

There are some who believe that comfort brings happiness. But we believe that it is growth that brings happiness, for in comfort lies complacency where there is no space for growth, no space for struggle. But when one decides to grow, though challenge and struggles arise, yet in the end, there is a sense of realization, satisfaction and most importantly, happiness.

That's why we work so hard to train individuals, agencies and corporations. We believe that it is possible for people to be at their best, to be contributing selflessly and to be loving. And in so believing, we choose to work for what we believe in, and that's making this world a better place.

Which do you choose then? A life of comfort or a life of happiness?

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