Monday, September 27, 2010

International Ad Agencies are looking for Copywriters.

In the past two weeks, I've been spending time with Jeff Orr of TBWA, Szu Lee of McCanns and Yew Leong of Leo Burnett. Everytime we meet, they ask if I have any more copywriters to recommend. They need to hire copywriters, but can't find good ones.

Unfortunately, 95% does not have enough graduates to satisfy them all. Our Idea Rawkstarrs are all snapped up far too quickly.

I tried recommending a few freshies to Jeff, but he is currently pursuing an Idea Rawkstarrs graduate - an Economics grad whose previous job was in a bank. Jeff says this guy's ideas are as good as what he would like to see in a medium-weight copywriter's portfolio! Wow, that says a lot for this guy.

I'm writing this because I have met many young hopefuls who want to be copywriters. Some have even managed to get a job in a small agency. A few are happy, but many feel stuck and are wondering if copywriting is what they really want to do.

Don't give up yet, guys. You just need the right training to put you on the right track. Your idea generation needs to be guided and disciplined. If you want the international Ad Agencies to pursue you, get yourself trained : Idea Rawkstarrs starts on 2nd December 2014.


Didi Pirinyuang
Joined McCann-Erickson as a copywriter soon after graduating from 95%

"Joining 95% set the wheels of my career in motion. Things, career-wise, were pretty much stuck in a rut prior to my enrollment. I was in a mediocre ad agency doing mediocre work, getting nowhere. But now, I've just gone for three interviews at three different international agencies on three consecutive days. Not bad, I think. What's even better is that out of these three agencies, two have given me an on-the-spot job offer."

Mei Shum
A copywriter at a small local agency, she's been trying to learn on the job, on her own for 6 years.

"Before the training, I was stuck in a rut and was pretty lost at sea without direction. I wasn't even sure I should be a copywriter. But now i know for sure who I am and what I'm capable of. I'm now armed with the skills, the knowledge and the confidence to move up and onwards. I've learned how to harness my full potential. What I've learned and taken away from 95% has really given a new lease on life."

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