Monday, September 27, 2010

Copywriters Are So Yesterday

Copywriters as we know them are obsolete. What we now need is a new breed of writers : storytellers.

Storytellers who tell stories about brands. Storytellers who make the simplest things wonderful. Storytellers who put a nostalgic smile or tear on people’s face. And most importantly, storytellers who tell stories from the heart, for such stories move people, evoke emotions and are derived from insights that touch the human heart – something you won’t get from joining a mere copywriting course.

However, here’s the good news : Copywriters by nature are storytellers. Of course, there are always exceptions; and those exceptions – those who play by the rules, see no good, possible end to storytelling – will soon be waving the industry farewell.

Are you a storyteller? If yes, the advertising/marketing industry needs you!

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