Saturday, September 11, 2010

I can be a good copywriter without going through Idea Rawkstarrs, right? So it’s a ‘nice to have’ instead of a ‘must have’, right?

It's true that there are copywriters who did not go through a training like Idea Rawkstarrs but turned out to be excellent copywriters. Yasmin Ahmad, for one did not go through a training like that. So did Neil French and David Ogilvy. But those are only the few who made it big in copywriting. What about the others?

Every year, agencies take in fresh copywriters, but often we get these common feedback :-

  • I don't know what I'm doing.
  • I don't know what I'm doing is right or wrong...
  • Is this what a copywriter should be doing?
  • I find it so difficult to come up with ideas! I have mental blocks!
  • My ideas are always rejected! I'm always told to come up with more ideas because the ones that I've come up with are not good enough, or do not have enough oomph!
  • My copy is always rejected, always not good enough!
  • Clients always tell me things like "It's not there yet" or "Hmmm… I don't feel it" or "Not enough oomph la". What on earth does that mean?

Thing is, because of the rate work is going on in the agency, there may be no time at all for the seniors to mentor these fresh copywriters, let alone clients (else why would they be paying the agency, right?).

That's where Idea Rawkstarrs come in. This training is designed to provide you the foundation you need to advance in your copywriting career, and that includes :-

  • Being able to produce good ideas under immense stress
  • Strategic and creative thinking
  • Solid understanding of marketing and advertising
  • Street-smart Market Analysis
  • And many more…

It's true that these skills can be learned as one goes through life. Some take years and years to learn, while some who are sensitive and who work instinctively like Yasmin Ahmad, David Ogilvy and Neil French are the ones who soar. While not everyone is innately as sensitive and instinctive as these great copywriters, but everyone can be.

That’s how this experiential intensive training called Idea Rawkstarrs is going to train you.

Note : Idea Rawkstarrs does not cover train you to write copy, but it provides you with the solid foundation that every copywriter needs, and that’s the skill of looking for insights, coming up with a creative strategy that will solve a marketing problem, and coming up with ideas that answer the brief and strategy, and that are creative.

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