Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why Idea Rawkstarrs before a copywriting course?

Because Idea Rawkstarrs provides you the foundation you need to excel in a copywriting course.

You see, many think that a copywriting course is sufficient to help them launch a career as a copywriter. It may be true for some, but not for many. This is because a copywriting course focuses only on the skill of writing copy. The lecturer or trainer already expects you to have the skill to find good insights, build a solid and creative strategy, generate ideas and evaluate ideas.

But why would I need those skills?

Because to write damn good copy, you need a damn good idea. To have a damn good idea, you need a damn good strategy. To build a damn good strategy, you need damn good insights that ideally, none of your competitors have shouted about. You also need a good, thorough understanding of your target audience and product/service.

Writing copy doesn't start when you get a brief. Only after you have gone through the process of first searching for insights, building a strategy and idea generation, you can begin writing.

This is how Idea Rawkstarrs prepares you for a copywriting course – regardless where you take the copywriting course.

Idea Rawkstarrs trains you to…

  • Think like a Marketing/Advertising professional
  • Search for insights that make people raise a brow and go, "Really? I was never aware of that!"
  • Develop a strategic mind (that colleges/universities or even a copywriting course can't)
  • Build a strategy that is reasonable and logical, yet creative at the same time.
  • Become an idea generator who can constantly come up with ideas that answer the brief and strategy
  • Be your own source of inspiration instead of waiting for inspiration to find you (Don't you think it's immensely torturous and frustrating when you stare at the computer screen or black piece of paper waiting for ideas but none just seem to answer your call?)
  • To evaluate ideas strategically, creatively and logically

Once you have the skills above, writing copy will be easier. And even if others reject your copy, you’ll know what questions to ask pertaining to the rejection, instead of just settling for the answer : Not enough oomph la, or I don't feel it yet la, or it's not there yet.

You deserve much better than that.

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