Thursday, September 09, 2010

Qualities of a Good Idea

"Gimme a good idea!" The marketing and advertising industry constantly demands for it. But what is a good idea? What makes an idea good?

Well, for those who know Janet, you'll know that an idea is good (or has some gems in it) when she raises one of her eyebrows by half a cm, when she goes wide-eyed for 4.235 seconds, or when she sucks in a deep breath.

Our grads know that it's hard to please award winning creative director Janet Lee (right guys?), but after the trainings they had undergone with Janet as their Idea Guru, it's easier to come up with good ideas.

So, what's a good idea? What makes an idea good? We've compiled a list of qualities that your ideas should have, but note that this list isn't exhaustive.

A GOOD idea…

1. Makes people go : WOW! Why didn’t I think of that?!

2. Arouses emotion

3. Increases sales

4. Gets people talking about it

5. Gets people sharing it or passing it around

6. Inspires people

7. Challenges your competitors (not always the case)

8. Causes people to come back for more

9. In sync with the current trends

10. Engages your target audience

11. And the list goes on…

"The only thing that matters is how you touch people. Have I given anyone insight? That's what I want to have done. Insight lasts; theories don't." – Peter Drucker


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